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Steam School is a virtual club for future inventors, engineers and digital entrepreneurs. We host 6 missions every year exploring #STEAM4GOOD projects and futuristic technology. Learners can journey through each mission by participating in weekly broadcasts with STEAM experts and choose from 18 different challenges to complete as scientists, engineers, artists, digital makers and entrepreneurs.

Who is Steam School for?

Steam School is created for 9-14 year olds. This programme is packed with innovation, inspiration and aspiration. Our STEAM POWERED challenges help young people to develop both technical and creative skills in preparation for ‘future jobs’ – 65% of which the World Economic Forum predicts – haven’t even been invented yet.

Join our programme to get a unique behind the scenes look at some of the most exciting science and tech companies. Steam School is perfect after school activity for schools, youth clubs and home educating hubs.

What is included?


Steam School hosts 6 missions every academic year exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues, showcasing #STEAM4GOOD projects, futuristic technology and young inspirational role models. Each mission takes place over a 5/6 week period.


Activity club members have access to 30 accounts which can be allocated to students and teachers.


During each mission, we host a weekly live broadcast with a global STEAM expert sharing a behind the scenes look at their projects, challenges, successes and career journeys. Students can watch LIVE or on demand.


18 STEAM powered challenges including ‘hands on’ and exploratory activities which help learners to develop skills as scientists, engineers, digital makers, entrepreneurs and artists.


Programme co-ordinators have access to a dashboard to monitor student engagement and celebrate student achievement.


A friendly community offering guidance to complete challenges and weekly celebration prizes.

Be Inspired

Steam School provides young people with a unique behind the scenes look at some of the most exciting science and tech companies. Our weekly guests represent global brands, tech start ups and #STEAM4GOOD projects. Our most recent mission explored some of the most exciting developments in augmented and virtual reality and how they can be used to enhance sports and entertainment experiences. Guests include Hado, Instagram Spark, Pokemon Go, Epic Games (makers of Fortnite), Immersive Studios and Ultraleap.


Activity Club Leaders can subscribe for £35 a month which includes 30 student accounts, 2 teacher accounts and an active members only Facebook community.

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