Steam School

Empowering a generation to change the world with science and technology.

STEAM powered

project based learning.

Weekly broadcasts

with STEAM experts.

Steam Virtual

After School Club.

Why Steam?

The world needs a generation of scientists, engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs who are ready to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

STEAM is an interdisciplinary education model, exploring science, technology, entrepreneurship (engineering is more commonly used), art and maths, encouraging students to develop their creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills in a real world context.

STEAM education removes limitations, encouraging independent learning and inspires wonder, critique, enquiry, and innovation. All of which are a perfect foundation for preparing young people for ‘future jobs’ – 65% of which the World Economic Forum predicts – haven’t even been invented yet. 

The Steam School platform combines STEAM powered project based learning with weekly broadcasts from global STEAM experts.

What is included?

Steam Missions

Steam School hosts 6 missions every academic year exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues, showcasing #STEAM4good projects, futuristic technology and young inspirational role models. Each mission takes place over a 5 /6 week period.

Weekly Live Broadcasts

During each mission, we host a weekly live broadcast with a global STEAM expert sharing a behind the scenes look at their projects, challenges, successes and career journeys. Students can watch LIVE or on demand.

Student Centred Platform

The Steam School platform equips learners with a personal login, enabling them to access the programme independently and capture their learning.

Steam Powered Challenges

Students can journey through each mission by completing STEAM powered challenges as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, digital makers and campaigners.

Teacher Dashboard

Teachers have access to a dashboard to monitor student engagement and celebrate student achievement.

How Can You Implement Steam School?

Steam School can help you to address some of the new Ofsted framework – specifically judgement category 3 – Personal Development by:

Enrich your Steam curriculum

Helping you to enrich and extend your STEAM / STEM curriculum.

Weekly aspirational role models

Connecting you to weekly aspirational role models from the world of science and technology via our weekly LIVE broadcasts.

After school or lunchtime programme

Providing you with everything you need to create a Steam School after school or lunchtime programme for your students.

Steam School has 35 funded primary schools available for a September 2019 intake. Register below if you would like to participate in this programme.

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