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Preparing young innovators for careers in science and technology.

Steam School hosts a weekly live broadcast with innovators from the world of science, tech & digital media for #TALKTECHTHURSDAYS.  By showcasing the stories of young innovators, and discussing tech trends and scientific breakthroughs, Steam School inspires young people to raise their aspirations and to develop a new awareness about how rapid technological change is transforming the world in which we live.  At the end of each broadcast, our members are invited to complete a weekly mini challenge using their innate creativity and problem solving skills in a real world context.

Launched at the beginning of January 2018, Steam School has broadcast a wide variety of STEAM role models including US based Astronaut Abby, Craig Fenton, Director for Strategy and Operations at Google UK & Ireland, Pepper the Companion Robot, Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at BLOODHOUND SSC and digital entrepreneur,  Hannah Anderson, co-founder of Social Chain.

“Me and my 11-year-old son tuned in to the Steam School broadcast to listen to Rob Bennett this afternoon and it was AWESOME! My son is still talking about it now! Seriously, we’ve had to look up why woodpeckers don’t get headaches and find pictures of the flattest place on Earth! I don’t hold out a lot of hope for a quiet bedtime tonight.”

Here’s how it works

Steam School is a excellent resource to develop critical skills and problem solving in your children, all streamed directly to your place of learning. How does it work?

GET READY with #MISSIONMONDAYS – your weekly Broadcast Briefing includes a guest toolkit and video trailer to get you ready for Thursday’s broadcast.

GET TALKING with #STEAMTASTIC – your Toolkit contains everything you need to stimulate discussions and kick-start your learning

GET INVOLVED with #WINNINGWEDNESDAYS – got a burning question for our live guests? Send them our way, and we’ll get the answers in our live show!

GET INSPIRED with #TALKTECHTHURSDAYS – tune in and get inspired with the weekly live broadcast – or catch up on the replay!

GET ACTIVE with the #MICROCHALLENGE – at the end of the broadcast our guest sets a weekly challenge, with prizes every week for the best entry!

GET EXCITED with #FANTASTICFRIDAYS – Short on time? No problem! Get an essential briefing every Friday – all the best bits of our show, edited into a bite-size 15-minute video! Perfect for those schools who prefer to incorporate Steam School into lesson time.

PLUS… #BONUS – Access our entire library of shows, so you can find the perfect Steam School for any lesson!

#STEAMtastic Questions from previous broadcasts

Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at BLOODHOUND SSC – How fast can a human travel before it becomes a dangerous – i.e. their head would explode?

Astronaut Abby – Can we be trusted with Mars – We haven’t done a very good job of looking after the earth?

Pepper the Robot – How will companion robots, like yourself be integrated into society in ten years time?

Steam School is now available to homeschooling families! A monthly subscription to Steam School includes:

1) Weekly learning materials, including a guest toolkit, trailer and learning plan
2) Members can submit questions for our guests and participate in a weekly mini challenge.
3) Access to a library of replays so that you can watch the show at your convenience
4) A dedicated Facebook community for homeschooling parents to share experiences and learning.
5) Booster Weeks – Extra shows to celebrate special events in the education calendar like Word Space Week, Global Entrepreneurship Week and British Science Week.
6) One membership fee per family. 


“I thought the Astronaut Abby broadcast was amazing!!! Who knew that there is already an organisation created to protect Mars!”

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Families subscribe to Steam School with a monthly subscription fee of £10.  This subscription fee gives you access to our live shows and learning materials, which are stored in a members only website for you to access at your convenience.

You can access the programme for 2018/ 2019 here.

You can view our terms and conditions here.

If you would like to chat to one of our team, before buying please do register for one of our regular #behindthescenestours.

Steam School – Family Subscription

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Monthly subscription for families.

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