Steam School hosts 6 missions every academic year exploring some of the world’s most pressing issues, showcasing #STEAM4good projects, futuristic technology and young inspirational role models with weekly live broadcasts.


16th September – 25th October 2019

Science and technology innovations in transportation have brought modes of transport usually found in science fiction to life. Travelling across the globe will soon be smarter, greener and faster. Join us on a mission to explore the science and engineering powering the transportation of the future.

There is no #NOPLANETB

28th October – 13th December 2019

Climate change, endangered species, feeding the world, plastics – the list of environmental concerns seems endless. Humanity needs to take action on a global scale. Join us on a mission to explore projects and meet innovators determined to save our planet.

Mixed Reality

6th January – 21st February 2020

Join this mission to explore some of the most exciting developments in augmented and virtual reality and how they can be used to enhance sports and entertainment experiences. Guests include Instagram Spark, Pokemon Go, Epic Games (makers of Fortnite) and Ultraleap.

Feed the World

2nd March – 24th April 2020

By 2050 there will be 10 billion people living on planet earth. Humanity needs to produce more food with the same available land and without causing anymore harm to the planet. Join us in this mission to explore how scientists, engineers and tech entrepreneurs are exploring solutions to this global challenge.


30th April – 5th June 2020

This generation of young people is uniquely gifted with innate tech skills and limitless creativity. During this mission we will meet young entrepreNERDs from all over the globe who are using technology and science to create their own businesses, inventions and #STEAM4good projects.

Mission to Mars

11th June – 17th July 2020

Since the dawn of the space age, Mars has been the target of orbiters, landers and rovers. Advances in space engineering mean that humans travelling to Mars is on the horizon. Join this mission to find out what challenges lie ahead, how humans will travel to Mars and what they will do when they get there.

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