Do you want to inspire your students to become the next generation of tech innovators?

Steam School hosts a weekly live broadcast with innovators from the world of science, tech & digital media for #TALKTECHTHURSDAYS.  By showcasing the stories of young innovators, and discussing tech trends and scientific breakthroughs, Steam School inspires students to raise their aspirations and to develop a new awareness about how rapid technological change is transforming the world in which we live.  At the end of each broadcast, students are invited to complete a weekly mini challenge using their innate creativity and problem solving skills in a real world context. 

Launched at the beginning of January 2018, Steam School has introduced schools to a wide variety of STEAM role models including US based Astronaut Abby, Craig Fenton, Director for Strategy and Operations at Google UK & Ireland, Pepper the Companion Robot, Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at BLOODHOUND SSC and digital entrepreneur,  Hannah Anderson, co-founder of Social Chain. 

“As a school, we were looking for a high quality, STEAM opportunity and we have found STEAM School easy to implement, with manageable staff input.  We offer an after school club where students watch the interview and have the opportunity to discuss and start the challenge.  The varied nature of the challenges allow the club to be run with teachers from different departments and non-teaching staff with a particular interest in that week’s STEAM topic. Students have been enthused by the scheme and we have had a significant number of entries to the challenges.  It has highlighted areas of STEAM beyond the classroom and curriculum and exposed students to the variety of STEAM careers available to them.   It has also highlighted the impact that STEAM has on all areas of life, most students were aware of the importance of STEAM subjects in computing, but many were surprised at the impact STEAM has in other areas, for example wearable technology and clothing.” Sunbury Manor School.

Here’s how it works

Steam School is a excellent resource to embed STEAM across the curriculum. Our existing schools use STEAM school in a variety of way including lunch time clubs, after school clubs, assemblies, form time programme, careers lessons and in curriculum time. How does it work?

GET READY with #MISSIONMONDAYS – your weekly Broadcast Briefing includes a guest toolkit and video trailer to get you ready for Thursday’s broadcast.

GET TALKING with #STEAMTASTIC – your Toolkit contains everything you need to stimulate discussions and kick-start your learning

GET INVOLVED with #WINNINGWEDNESDAYS – got a burning question for our live guests? Send them our way, and we’ll get the answers in our live show!

GET INSPIRED with #TALKTECHTHURSDAYS – tune in and get inspired with the weekly live broadcast – or catch up on the replay!

GET ACTIVE with the #MICROCHALLENGE – at the end of the broadcast our guest sets a weekly challenge, with prizes every week for the best entry!

GET EXCITED with #FANTASTICFRIDAYS – Short on time? No problem! Get an essential briefing every Friday – all the best bits of our show, edited into a bite-size 15-minute video! Perfect for those schools who prefer to incorporate Steam School into lesson time.

PLUS… #BONUS – Access our entire library of shows, so you can find the perfect Steam School for any lesson!

#STEAMtastic Questions from previous broadcasts

Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at BLOODHOUND SSC – How fast can a human travel before it becomes a dangerous – i.e. their head would explode?

Astronaut Abby – Can we be trusted with Mars – We haven’t done a very good job of looking after the earth?

Pepper the Robot – How will companion robots, like yourself be integrated into society in ten years time?

Super Seven reasons to join Steam School:

1. It’s simple – Steam School is a perfect, easy to use resource to embed STEAM across the curriculum

2. It saves you time AND money – by bringing young aspirational innovators into your classroom on a weekly basis

3. It’s unique – Steam School gives schools a #behindthescenes look at science and tech companies, giving students an opportunity to find out how best to prepare for jobs in tech

4. It’s motivating – our broadcasts motivate young people to engage in STEAM education by participating in weekly challenges with prizes

5. It’s flexible – After the Thursday live show has ended, our video editing team produce a 15 minute overnight edit – which many of our schools use in Form Time programmes on a Friday

6. It’s complementary – Steam School works perfectly alongside a character education / growth mindset programme raising student aspirations in a digital / tech context

7. It’s valuable – Steam School contributes to Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 2, 4, 5 


“I thought the Astronaut Abby broadcast was amazing!!! Who knew that there is already an organisation created to protect Mars!”

Steam School Showcase

Here's some sample content from Steam School

“STEAM School has allowed us to provide students with a regular insight into new and emerging career pathways that they can then go away and research themselves or talk to a qualified careers adviser about while in school. The software will now form part of our whole-school Careers Education programme for next academic year, giving students from Year 7 to Year 11 the chance to explore, engage and research their career aspirations in more detail.” Chris Webb – Ruth Gorse Academy

How can I use Steam School?

There are loads of ways you can use Steam School to light a fire under your STEAM curriculum. Here are some examples from our subscribers:

Lunchtime Clubs

After-School Club

STEAM Lessons

Careers Lessons

Form Time

Teacher CPD

Parental Engagement Workshops

School Display Screens



How do I get my school involved?

You can find out more about the programme for 2018/ 2019 here.

Steam School is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your STEAM curriculum, with content updated every single week – plus access to the entire back catalogue of interviews and guest speakers.

Add some rocket fuel to your STEAM Curriculum, with prices starting from as little as £50 per month.

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Ready to sign up now?

Ready to sign up now?

With full membership starting from as little as £50 per month, add some rocket fuel to your STEAM Curriculum, with Steam School!

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