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Steam School Family Subscription

Steam School is an award winning virtual STEAM club.

Join the Steam School virtual club to learn more about how science & technology powers our world. 

Steam School is perfect for children aged 9-14 who aspire to be inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, digital artists or tech superstars.

Subscription Includes:

• Weekly Live Broadcasts
• 5 Student Accounts per Subscription
• STEAM Powered Challenges
• Family Facebook Group

Our current mission is Mission to Mars.

Since the dawn of the space age, Mars has been the target of orbiters, landers and rovers. Advances in space engineering mean that humans travelling to Mars is on the horizon. Join this mission to find out what challenges lie ahead, how humans will travel to Mars and what they will do when they get there.

STEAMTASTIC Praise Postcards

Would you like to share STEAM powered words of encouragement with your students or children? You can purchase a pack of 30 individual STEAM postcards on Amazon. 

Steam School Merchandise

Sizes and different colours available for both children and adults

Be More Human T-Shirt


I Totally Rocket Science T-shirt


No Planet B T-shirt


Inventing our future one atom at a time T-Shirt


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible T-Shirt


I code therefore I am awesome T-Shirt


Science is my Superpower T-Shirt


I Totally Rocket Science Pullover Hoodie


Science is my Superpower Pullover Hoodie


Be More Human Pullover Hoodie


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