Steam School Showcase

Steam School hosts a weekly live broadcast with innovators from the world of science, tech & digital media for #TALKTECHTHURSDAYS.  By showcasing the stories of young innovators, and discussing tech trends and scientific breakthroughs, Steam School inspires students to raise their aspirations and to develop a new awareness about how rapid technological change is transforming the world in which we live.  At the end of each broadcast, students are invited to complete a weekly mini challenge using their innate creativity and problem solving skills in a real world context.

Launched at the beginning of January 2018, Steam School has introduced schools to a wide variety of STEAM role models including US based Astronaut Abby, Craig Fenton, Director for Strategy and Operations at Google UK & Ireland, Pepper the Companion Robot, Rob Bennett, Chief Inspirer at BLOODHOUND SSC and digital entrepreneur,  Hannah Anderson, co-founder of Social Chain. 

Steam School is an excellent resource to embed STEAM across the curriculum and can be used in a variety of way including lunch time clubs, after school clubs, assemblies, form time programme, careers lessons and in curriculum time.

2 minute trailer

Here’s a taster of what your students will learn at Steam School


#MissionMondays –Steam School issues a weekly briefing to our schools with a guest toolkit including a video trailer in preparation for Thursday’s broadcast.

#STEAMtastic – using the toolkit students can submit questions for our guests. 

#WinningWednesdays – Schools are invited to submit questions for the broadcast and to submit their mini challenge submission by 5pm every Wednesday.

#TalkTechThursdays – we go live every Thursday, asking the questions that your students want answering! Schools can watch live or the replay.

#MiniChallenge – at the end of the broadcast our guest sets a weekly challenge and awards a prize for the best entry.

#FantasticFridays – every Friday we release a 15 minute edited version of the live show suitable for those schools that prefer to incorporate Steam School into lesson time.

#BONUS– members get access to our library of previous shows including Pepper the Robot, BLOODHOUND SSC and Astronaut Abby.


Rachel Konichiwakitty – Wearable Tech


Craig Fenton – Google – Director of Innovation & Strategy

We have had some amazing feedback from our schools and parents

STEAM School has allowed us to provide students with a regular insight into new and emerging career pathways that they can then go away and research themselves or talk to a qualified careers adviser about while in school. The software will now form part of our whole-school Careers Education programme for next academic year, giving students from Year 7 to Year 11 the chance to explore, engage and research their career aspirations in more detail. Christopher Webster

Ruth Gorse Academy

Me and my 11-year-old son tuned in to the Steam School broadcast to listen to Rob Bennett this afternoon and it was AWESOME! My son is still talking about it now! Seriously, we’ve had to look up why woodpeckers don’t get headaches and find pictures of the flattest place on Earth! I don’t hold out a lot of hope for a quiet bedtime tonight.

Engaging with STEAM School has increased talk about STEAM and STEAM issues across the school and the variety of topics and challenges have appealed to boys and girls across all year groups. Students have been enthused by the scheme and we have had a significant number of entries to the challenges.  It has highlighted areas of STEAM beyond the classroom and curriculum and exposed students to the variety of STEAM careers available to them.   It has also highlighted the impact that STEAM has on all areas of life, most students were aware of the importance of STEAM subjects in computing, but many were surprised at the impact STEAM has in other areas, for example wearable technology and clothing. Jayne Fenton Hall

Sunbury Manor School

2018/2019 Programme

The planning and preparation for our 2018/2019 is underway. We have booked some amazing guests for Autumn including, the Chief of Play at LEGO USA, Misty Robotics and SpaceX Competition winner HYP-ED.  Additional programme upgrades include:

1. There is so much more we can do with the Steam School Show to educate young people about opportunities in STEAM. The live show will be extended to a one hour show every Thursday between 12:30 –1:30pm. The format will include a ‘pre-show’ discussing STEAM news and events, the ‘main event’ – an interview with our guest and a ‘post show‘ discussing the interview and how to complete the weekly mini challenge.  This show will be edited into three mini shows for schools to watch at their convenience.

2. The team at Steam School are super excited to collaborate with Liverpool John Moores University to produce a companion app for schools so that students and teachers may engage directly with our show, submit questions and responses to our mini challenges.

How do I get my school involved? 
Schools subscribe to Steam School with an annual subscription fee of £1500, this subscription fee gives you access to our live shows, learning materials and a back catalogue of shows. You can sign up here: