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Virtual club for future inventors and tech entrepreneurs aged 9-14 years old

Steam School is a virtual academy for future inventors and tech entrepreneurs aged 9-14 years old. We host 6 missions every year exploring real world science and futuristic technology. Learners can journey through each mission by participating in weekly broadcasts with STEAM experts and choose from 18 different challenges to complete as scientists, engineers, artists, digital makers and entrepreneurs.

We love STEAM school and the children look forward to it every Friday morning. They are all engaged and have even enjoyed completing missions at home too. They love writing their journals and seeing their points increase each time they complete a mission. As a school, we wanted to see more girls engaged with STEM and STEAM school has certainly done that. We have some super female entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers of the future! We share photos of our work on Twitter for the parents to see.

– St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Since starting STEAM, our Year 8s have really enjoyed engaging with the platform. They’ve particularly enjoyed the broadcasts for the current mission on Robotics, especially as they get to observe robots interacting with the interviewer! During the Mission to Mars broadcasts their minds were blown by the latest developments taking place in space and they enjoyed the challenges related to space tourism.

The challenges cater for a range of STEAM abilities so are pitched perfectly for them to work independently on them. They obviously love earning the rewards too!

– Bolder Academy

The students were so excited yesterday when we watched misty robotics that our question was asked.

– Colne Primet


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Mission Reports

Fashion Futures – Mission Report

Fashion Futures – Mission Report

FASHION FUTURES Mission Report 2020/21Fashion Futures explores how the fashion industry is making use of futuristic technology and trying to save the planet by using sustainable products and manufacturing processes. We will meet designers, entrepreneurs and big brands...

Robotics Rocks – Mission Report

Robotics Rocks – Mission Report

ROBOTICS ROCKS! Mission Report 2020/21In this mission, we will explore how robots are freeing people at home and in the workplace from completing boring and repetitive jobs. We will learn about robotic engineering, design and how to make robots more like humans.Steam...

Mission to Mars – Mission Report

Mission to Mars – Mission Report

MISSION TO MARS Mission Report 2020/21Since the dawn of the space age, Mars has been the target of orbiters, landers and rovers. Advances in space engineering mean that humans travelling to Mars is on the horizon. Join this mission to find out what challenges lie...


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