Introducing Steam School – Rocket Fuel for your STEAM Curriculum

Steam School connects schools with science and tech innovators via our weekly live broadcasts and accompanying micro challenges. By showcasing the stories of young innovators, discussing tech trends and scientific breakthroughs, Steam School inspires students to develop a new awareness about how rapid technological change is transforming the world in which we live. Our mission is to connect 100,000s of students across the globe with STEAM innovators and to inspire them to create positive global change with science and technology.


On Tuesday 4 December 2018 SpaceX launched its Dragon cargo craft from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral on a Falcon 9 rocket. On board will be the first UK-led experiment to head to the International Space Station, which uses worms to look at muscle loss in space and could lead to new treatments for muscular conditions for people on Earth. Join our guest Libby Jackson, Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager at the UK Space Agency to learn about this exciting scientific programme. 

                                                              MICRO CHALLENGE


As with all schools we constantly strive to make our curriculum as interesting and engaging as possible – teaching and learning that grabs children’s attention always has the most impact. Since subscribing to Steam School I can safely say that our curriculum has been enhanced in multiple ways and that the children (and staff) have had some fantastic opportunities to engage with an amazing range of presenters – entrepreneurs, inventors and all forward thinking, technologically advanced and fascinating to listen to. The presentations, questioning activities, challenges and tasks following this provide a wealth of opportunities for children to stretch themselves in areas they had previously little knowledge of, and they have thrived on the opportunities that Steam School would bring to any educational establishment.

Matthew Jessop


We enjoyed working with Steam school because it was good getting ‘inside’ information about technology that could affect our futures. It was really exciting seeing things like the Hoverbike, the Tespack and other things – as well as learning how they were made and how they worked. Steam school is always really interesting and we look forward to this term’s presenters!

Jamie and Maty



With full membership starting from as little as £50 per month, add some rocket fuel to your STEAM Curriculum, with Steam School!